Today Microsoft and Nokia announced they would be forming a global alliance. I have to wonder what this could bring to the future of mobile computing for the enterprise. The general consumer seems to love the iPhone (or the marketing around it), but the restrictions placed on the device and service leaves a lot to be desired for the enterprise customers. In my opinion vendor lock-in has always been the biggest obstacle to wider-spread adoption of Apple’s products.

Now I could consider Blackberry and Google Android to be the only other real competitors here, but I think the Nokia and Microsoft partnership opens up some bigger possibilities, like competition with HP, Asus, Acer and Lenovo (oh, I guess Dell is still around too).

Let’s face it, the features of a Netbook are practically already built into the Nokia N97, albeit at a slightly larger price tag. If Nokia plays this right, they could be the only provider to have their own device and operating system that runs Microsoft Office at an affordable price. Why is this important, well Microsoft Office generally runs most of the Fortune 1000. Nokia could become a serious player in the enterprise market overnight.

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